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Maternity and newborn photography - Thalia & Jarrod

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I know I say this with each type of session I do, but I love doing bump to baby package shoots!  This couple were a treat to meet and work with - so humble, genuine, sweet and incredibly appreciative (and who doesn't love feeling appreciated?!).  I met them when Thalia was about 7 months pregnant for their maternity session.  She's a tiny thing and her bump was already pretty big (I'm sure she won't mind me saying it like that!).  I don't think it was any surprise that he arrived a bruiser and she had one long and difficult labour.  After almost 2 weeks in hospital we were all so relieved when they were finally allowed home and could book in for the newborn shoot, as he was growing really fast!

When mums have been through a particularly hard labour and there has been a lot of stress and worry in the weeks between birth and newborn shoot, there can be something deeply therapeutic about being able to sit and watch your baby as he or she sleeps during the session, in a beautiful natural position, completely at peace and well.  There is a moment sometimes when I can sense it - about half way through when we've settled the baby and I'm getting into it ('the zone').  Things are quiet, we're not really talking much any more and there is only the lull of the white noise machine, and maybe the faint sound of Top Gear on Dave (yeah dads, that's for you!).  And I know that when I glance up at mum's face as she's watching me perfect the positioning of tiny fingers, I'll see a soft smile and look of utter love and pride.  The atmosphere is of pure calm and contentment.  I love those moments! And it might not really be the case, but I sometimes think it might be one of the first times she's really had a chance to sit back, with nothing else to do but breathe and adore.  It makes me want to do a very quiet high five, to say well done mama - you did it! 

Lowan surprised us all and slept soundly for much of his session, and I was so happy that we were able to get so many beautiful shots of him after all they'd been through.  I just hope I get to see this little bruiser again and his wonderful mum and dad.

To enquire about or book a newborn session please contact me - I'd love to hear from you!  Or visit my First Year Packages page for more information.  I have a home studio in Veryan Green on the Roseland Peninsula, 25 minutes from Truro and St Austell, Cornwall.

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