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Maternity and Newborn photography package Cornwall

July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was wonderful to meet this local couple for their maternity photo shoot on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall a couple of months ago. 

We picked a beach they love to take their dog for walks, and it is one of my favourite outdoor locations for the variety of scenery it offers.  We met at the Towan Beach carpark and headed up the footpath for some photos in the greenery and wooded areas.  They said they felt really nervous which is totally the norm for these sessions!  They did great though, and as we started to head down to the beach we managed to catch some beautiful golden hour photos - my favourites!  We were so fortunate with the weather as early Spring can be a dodgy time year!  It wasn't very cold and the light was gorgeous. 

I learned that they had a very small registry wedding with no photographer, and had decided to get these photos done not only to capture their first pregnancy and baby, but also as something special for themselves as a couple.  It is kind of a big deal and I feel so touched and proud that they trusted me to do this for them.  

When we got down to the beach the sun had pretty much dipped down behind the rise so we just had the soft evening light left.  The only people there were a couple of guys fishing, and the waterside was a nice way to finish off the session.  The last of the sunset on the way home was so breathtaking I had to pull over and take a couple of snaps! 

Fast forward almost two months and the next time I saw them was with their baby boy for the newborn photo shoot.  They came to my home studio in Veryan, where I do the session in my lounge and what is normally the dining area off our kitchen.  The baby was adorable and so full of personality - I love his big eyes and all the cute awake shots I got!  He was pretty calm, though we did stop frequently for feeding - hungry boy!  They were super relaxed and taking life with a newborn completely in their stride and it was a fabulous session full of laughter and lightheartedness. 

I'd agreed to a mid-week shoot on the condition that my 9 month old would be there and he woke up from a good long morning nap and added to the entertainment for the last 45 minutes with his own funny antics, bless him.  

I look forward to seeing this wonderful family again as I have no doubt we'll be bumping into each other loads with our little ones.      

Bump and newborn packages are a fantastic way to capture and celebrate this momentous life change, and I'd love to hear from you if you're expecting and wish to book!  

"bump and baby photographer cornwall"Jacqui & GuyCouples maternity photo shoot outside on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. "bump and baby photographer cornwall"Jacqui & GuyCouples maternity photo shoot outside on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall.

"maternity photography Cornwall"Sunset maternity photoOutdoor maternity photo shoot in Cornwall. Golden hour at its best.

"cornwall maternity and newborn photographer"On the beach maternity photoBeautiful mum to be on the beach for an outdoor maternity photo shoot in Cornwall. "maternity photography cornwall"JacquiOutdoor maternity photo shoot at Towan Beach in Cornwall.


Lerryn's newborn photo shoot

June 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Being based on the Roseland Peninsula means that most people have to travel 30-60 minutes to get to me.  It's a lovely place to live but can feel a bit far out, so it's always fantastic when someone local books.  I've had 6 Roseland babies come to me this year (a record for me!) and it's funny to think these may be the future playmates of my littlest - already 9 months old! 

Beautiful baby Lerryn came in for her newborn photo shoot at 2 weeks old.  We'd scheduled the shoot for the afternoon as I had another session earlier in the day.  Her parents arrived knackered from a tough morning - she'd been feeding constantly and unsettled, and she was worn out too - lucky for me!  As she was still asleep from the short car ride, I undressed her on the beanbag and wrapped her up without disturbing her sleep too much.  It's unusual to get the session off like that and we all stayed silent while I worked.  She was very relaxed but began to stir, wanting her next feed so we took a break and then went straight into the parent photos.  It was a relaxed session and I love the images!  

Isaac's newborn photo shoot

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Isaac came for his newborn shoot at my home studio in Cornwall at 14 days old.  It wasn't that long ago I was doing his big sister's first birthday photos at the end of her Tummy to Tot package, and it was a bonus getting to see her again!  It was a hot day and we scheduled it for 9am - nice and early, as I had another newborn session booked for later.   Isaac was gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing how he changes as he grows over his first year!  

My space is small - I tend to do most of my newborn sessions in the lounge on the beanbag, by the biggest window in the house.  It's lovely light but does make fitting in a toddler quite difficult.  I don't expect little ones to sit still or quietly and know they soon get bored.  Newborn sessions can take a while to get going with plenty of time needed for feeding and settling, and it's a long time for a 1 year old to wait.  Sophie's dad did a great job entertaining her though, and when it was time for a snack they disappeared outside, and Isaac fell asleep.  I love the sleepy shots at the end of him cuddling the little bunny!  

Newborn sessions at my home studio or in your home in Cornwall - make sure you book in advance as my availability is limited!  Contact me or visit the newborn sessions page for info.    


Freddie's Cake Smash

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Freddie came for his first birthday cake smash photo shoot to my home studio on the Roseland in Cornwall a couple of weeks before turning one so that his mum could show the photos at his birthday party.  He was a little star from beginning to end - he loved the cake, was full of gorgeous smiles, and looked so adorable in the outfit his mum brought.  Some cake smashes don't go so well - we have to encourage the baby to try the cake, and sometimes they just aren't interested.  But Freddie just went for it without hesitation, and I quickly had all the shots I needed.  He was equally as happy in his little bubble bath, and we were done so fast there was time for some normal portraits at the end. 

His mum and dad love the images and so do I.  He looks so sweet, and I hope he has a fantastic first birthday!!

Further information on the cake smash and first birthday photography page or get in touch to find out more.  I'd love to hear from you!

Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes! Baby cake smash sessionFreddie's cake smash in the studio in Cornwall. Gorgeous baby in blue and grey to match his eyes!

Tommy's First Birthday Outdoor Shoot | Roseland Peninsula Cornwall

April 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was a delight to meet Tommy and his lovely mum and dad out by the bridge at Ruan Lanihorne on the Roseland in Cornwall.  This is one of my favourite spots - it's quiet, open and so pretty.  It's not somewhere many people have ever been to and I love introducing clients to new and different spots off the beaten track in our beautiful area. 

We stuck to the Falmouth side of the bridge as the walkway to the other (slightly more lush) side was ankle deep mud.  The weather was perfect - lightly overcast and mild, so Tommy was happy to sit by the river on a blanket.  The wet grass prevented him from straying off - making our jobs easier!  He was happiest on the road though, and I love how those ones turned out!

First birthday photo shoots are so much fun to do outside! For more information visit the Cake smash and first birthdays page, and if you're interested in celebrating your baby's first birthday with a photo session, get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

Newborn Photography Sessions | Cornwall Baby Photographer

April 24, 2018  •  2 Comments

Photographing all these little Cornwall newborn babies is a wonderful part of my job.  I truly love it!  It's taken some time to get to where I am, which is pretty relaxed and confident in my ability to capture newborns in a way that is timeless, respectful and true to my style and vision.  It's been a long road of learning, and I still learn something each session, and am refining how I do things all the time - and I expect always will be (which is awesome!), but it's great to have reached a point where I can just do my thing.

I started off like most others, I'm sure - imitating the big names and trying to copy what everyone else seemed to be doing.  I suppose all creative pursuits start off like that - it's how you master the basics before finding your own way and style.  My first few sessions bear no resemblance to what I now like (and most certainly looked nothing like the pros I was attempting to imitate), but we all start somewhere! 

Here are one of my first newborns (minion) and one of my most recent. 

Archie the MinionArchie the MinionDuring a newborn photography shoot at Archie's home in Camborne, his dad grabbed this hat as a prop that they were saving for Halloween and it worked really well!  

For ages, newborn sessions were really hard work.  They still are but not in a stressful kind of way.  I've stripped away as much stress-causing factors as I can (I no longer shoot without a nappy apart from the odd one here and there, and I keep set ups simple and can quite quickly decide on what looks good to me - setting up used to take hours and hours!).  Instead of having my mind crammed full of things I want to try, I really do take it as it comes and let the baby lead the session.  This doesn't mean I just plonk them down and take photos - there is still a lot of soothing and positioning and I do have a rough plan in mind prior to every session.  But I am not going into newborn sessions wanting to get a particular pose or anything.  Whatever I get just kind of happens.  I also don't prepare numerous elaborate set ups any more that require lots of moving and changing.  Before each session I put aside a few outfits and wraps to choose from based on a simple palette so that it's all interchangeable.  This makes it easier to get a bit more variety if the baby is unsettled - I don't have to disturb that much. 

Some days I have the magic touch (or luck on my side) and the baby is calm and settled, even sleeping for most of the session.  Then there are days when they aren't comfortable for whatever reason, or are cluster feeding and don't want to be put down.  These sessions take a little bit longer - often the settling can take as long as an hour, between attempts to photograph and stopping again for more cuddles and feeding.  I can see parents despairing and I do try to prepare in advance for the possibility that the session could take up to 3 hours long.  I'm used to it and know that eventually we'll get there, but it may mean not as much variety in poses and props etc.  I would feel more than satisfied if got a handful of truly beautiful shots, and honestly, in years to come, that's all you'll really need. 

After the session is the culling and editing.  I usually need to retouch babies skin - newborns can be very blotchy and pimply!  I tend to take out anything that isn't permanent (acne clears up and is soon forgotten about - I don't believe there's any loss of integrity or authenticity by editing it out).  This is the part that can take many hours, and where the magic truly happens.  This is a before and after - definitely not the most dramatic example but one I found without having to dig too far back.

I'll have to do a blog soon on other aspects of my journey so far - it's fun looking back! 

If you live in Cornwall and are expecting a baby, or are looking for a newborn photographer, I'd love to photograph your baby!  I'm based on the Roseland Peninsula and also travel to clients' homes for their sessions if requested.  Visit my newborn portfolio page to see my current work and if you scroll back in the blog you'll find posts with more images.


Beach baby photo shoot with tepee at Pendower, Cornwall

April 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Nora joined me for some photos one beautiful spring morning on the beach and helped me test out my tepee.  I've been dreaming about these sessions all winter, waiting patiently for it to warm up a bit.  A tepee on the beach/outdoors means I can shoot any time of day in the bright summer months and have some ready made shade.  Dressed up with some flowers and accessories, and it's a lovely addition to any location.  It's great for all ages, though in hindsight Nora was a little small - I think sitter age and up would work a little better.

We set the tepee up on Pendower beach on the Roseland for the photo shoot.  I had my 7 month old as well as my 4 year old in tow, so it was quite a job lugging them, their belongings and picnic, as well as the tepee and paraphernalia to our spot.  But it was fun and Nora was excellent!!  And when she needed a break my baby could rest a bit in the shade as it was a scorcher for April!  I love the ones of both babies looking at each other - aren't they both so cute!!

I'm so pleased with this set up for summer baby and child photo shoots and can't wait to see it out again!  Mini sessions with it on the 12th May (fingers crossed for the weather!).

For an outdoor session using the tepee, get in touch and we'll discuss the details :)


Isaac's Newborn Photography Session | Cornwall

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I just adore this little man's face! He was the sweetest, though I don't think he was going for the most settled baby award that day!  Sometimes newborns are just having an off day, possibly hitting a growth spurt or simply being babies - unpredictable! I don't make any other plans on newborn session days because there is no telling how long they could go on for.  Usually 3 hours is the cut off - if we're still getting nowhere by then I would call it a day and offer a reshoot.  It's completely normal to spend a fair amount of any newborn photo shoot waiting for baby to feed and settle.  Anyone with a newborn knows these two things can take a while!  Ultimately I am aiming to capture your baby as they are, not necessarily a posed sleeping pin up of a baby, so as long as he or she is calm and settled, I shoot.  Isaac settled for a bit but started to fuss (I suspect either in cluster feeding mode or having an abovementioned growth spurt).  We managed to get him settled again for a few more shots, and his mum decided to call it a day, happy with what we had already - she only wanted a couple of prints so I was glad not to overwhelm her with a large selection gallery, though I was sorry there wasn't a little more variety from his session. 

Here are some from our morning together.  If you're expecting a baby soon, book a newborn session now - I'd love to help you make the most of this most precious time. 

Cousins & family photo shoot | Camborne, Cornwall

March 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A brilliant family photography session on location at their home in Cornwall!  It was right after the Beast from the East snowstorms - they even had the tiny remnants of a snowman (well, apparently it was a snow penguin, I was told!).  So it was really cold outside but lovely and sunny.  We got everyone out and up on the drive for some family group photos, and then headed back in to let the cousins mess around for some more photos.  The best light was in the entrance hall, where there was a small sofa bed, which saved the day when someone suggested we pull it out - it was perfect for all of them to spread out on and I absolutely love the photos of them all lying there together.  It was a fun age range - from 4 months to 8 years old.  As kids get older it can be difficult for them to loosen up in front of the camera, and I'm not going to lie, I was finding it hard to think up things that would draw them out while keeping a 3 year old's attention.  But I had the team behind me (mums, dads and grandparents) and between us I think we did a great job!

If you're wanting to capture your family all together, a home or outdoor photo session can be a lot of fun!  Visit the family photography page or get in touch for more information.  I'd love to hear from you!

Family holiday photo shoot - Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall

February 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was contacted by this extended family to take photos while they visited Cornwall to celebrate their mum's 70th birthday.  They'd booked a beautiful house in Percuil on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, and decided to have the photos taken there. The day was grey and wet, so we were limited to indoors, which was a pity because they had the most beautiful location looking down to the Fal.  But they were only down for the weekend with loads planned so we made the most of it inside.

In large family sessions like these, the focus is on getting shots of the group, and smaller group shots, but I always try to bring in a bit of fun for those much loved candid shots.  The age range of the children was from 4 to 18 years old, and it was fun watching the cousins play and interact.  I let the smallest two have a jump on their grandmother's bed (I hope she's forgiven me!!) and it was a good place to capture the kids together.  Because it was a dim day and I am predominantly a natural light photographer, we kept to the bedroom and sitting room, but I love the way they all had so much fun together, both the grown ups and little ones. 

Here are a few from our family photo session.  If you're planning a Cornwall family holiday and want to seize the opportunity to get some photos together, get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!  Visit the page for more info on family photography shoots.

Willow's Newborn Photography Session | Cornwall

February 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This scrumptious little face graced my studio the other day and melted my heart with her big eyes and expressions.  We started off with photos of her with her parents while she settled, and then on the beanbag.  I love how perfectly the little lace vest fit her - she was only about 6lbs!  It took some time to try and get her peaceful as she was in feeding mode so shooting time was fairly limited but I adore some of these shots! 

Newborn baby photographer in Cornwall - enquire or book via my contact page - I'd love to hear from you!!

Natalie's Home Newborn Photography Session | Cornwall

February 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I did this newborn session for Christine and Dan when baby Natalie was 18 days old at their home in Camborne, Cornwall.  I love home newborn sessions!! It was a pretty grim winters day - heavy clouds and plenty of rain, but the house was toasty warm. When I arrived Christine was giving Natalie a feed and being on the upper story, their bedroom was getting the most light (sometimes a challenge on a dark day!). So this is where we ended up having most of the session. 

I decided to start off with some photos of Natalie in her cot which was set up beside her parents' bed.  She looked so tiny, and it looked huge with her in it! I asked Dan to move it closer to the window so I could have more light on her, and started off with a few simple ones in her onesie and then stripped her down for some shirtless and loosely wrapped. She wasn't quite settled and so after a bit more milk she went off to sleep and I decided to swaddle her in the pink alpaca knit wrap. Christine said she was likely to wake up when put back down into her cot (she's used to sleeping on the bed after her feed), so I was conscious of wanting to be able to transfer her without disturbing her too much, and swaddling is the best way to ensure this.  Unfortunately there just wasn't enough light that day reaching the bed to be able to keep her there, otherwise I probably would have worked with her where she was.  But I love what we did get!

She woke up when I unwrapped her, but I did want to move her or at least change her position, and she was calm enough to have some cuddling shots with her parents.  We moved into her lovely nursery for that - painted a deep plum colour with some gorgeous vintage style wall stickers. I really love the photos we got of her with both her mum and dad!!  I had to work fast and be really bossy (sorry Dan!!) because I felt like she was going to start crying any minute and knew that it would probably be the end of the session then.  But she kept it together long enough for plenty of fantastic shots and we called it a wrap, satisfied that we had enough.

It is so lovely to meet couples like Christine and Dan whilst pregnant, and then with their newborn.  I get to meet so many wonderful people and being invited into their home while they're still finding their feet as a new family is truly an honour. 

Newborn and baby home photography sessions in Cornwall are easy to book - just get in touch for more information.  I send out a prep guide prior to each session and am happy to answer any questions. 

Samuel's Baby Photos | Cornwall Baby Photography

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was a much anticipated delight to meet Mr Samuel!  I photographed his big brother from birth til his first birthday, and unfortunately was not able to capture his new baby brother's newborn-ness as I'd just given birth myself!  So this was the first time I was getting to meet the new addition and he did not disappoint.  It was rather strange photographing a baby so similar in age and size to my own - same in many ways but very different too.  I automatically find myself making all the noises and silly things I do with my own kids if they're similar in age, and so Samuel had me on full throttle.  He didn't find me as amusing as my little one does, but I did get a few giggles and anyway, I have a thing for serious baby faces.

Next time I see him for his 7-9 month milestone session he'll be sitting up and be looking very different I'm sure - can't wait.

Bump to baby packages are my favourite - I truly deeply madly love seeing these little things through the first year of their life journey, and it's so amazing to capture that development.  So if you're considering booking the Tummy to Tot package, please do!! Info on my Baby's first year packages page.

Harry's Newborn photo shoot | Cornwall

January 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Harry came in for his newborn photo shoot at 8 days old. He really was a little angel, and a lucky little guy to have a fabulous big brother.  Leo goes to school with my son, and is the sweetest boy.  He was obsessed with his fidget spinner and I had to keep removing it, it became a bit of a running joke! But he was so patient, and for 7 years old, remarkably grown up.  I love the ones of baby Harry with his family.

All my newborn sessions are done with natural light, mainly at my home on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall.  I also travel to clients' homes for more natural, documentary style photos.  If you're interested in a newborn photo shoot, visit the newborns page or get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

Baby Alfie Newborn photography Session | Cornwall

January 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Alfie came for his newborn baby photos at my home studio on the Roseland, Cornwall at 8 days old.  If all newborn photo shoots were like this, my job would be a doddle! He was asleep when he arrived, and if he woke up at all it was just briefly.  He just slept and slept, and I was able to get so many adorable photos of him!  And the session was done in record time - 1.5 hours!  His older sister, Isla, was good as gold too, though feeling a little camera shy so didn't get into many photos, but we did manage to get her kissing her new baby brother. 

Alfie's dad didn't want to be in any photos aside from the one of him holding the baby in the same pose as he did for Isla when she was newborn.  I'm always happy to oblige for special requests - or, as I have to say, I'll do my best !!

For a newborn session please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

Newborn, baby and family photography sessions in Cornwall, UK.  More images from my sessions and the tales behind some of them.