Isaac's Newborn Photography Session | Cornwall

March 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I just adore this little man's face! He was the sweetest, though I don't think he was going for the most settled baby award that day!  Sometimes newborns are just having an off day, possibly hitting a growth spurt or simply being babies - unpredictable! I don't make any other plans on newborn session days because there is no telling how long they could go on for.  Usually 3 hours is the cut off - if we're still getting nowhere by then I would call it a day and offer a reshoot.  It's completely normal to spend a fair amount of any newborn photo shoot waiting for baby to feed and settle.  Anyone with a newborn knows these two things can take a while!  Ultimately I am aiming to capture your baby as they are, not necessarily a posed sleeping pin up of a baby, so as long as he or she is calm and settled, I shoot.  Isaac settled for a bit but started to fuss (I suspect either in cluster feeding mode or having an abovementioned growth spurt).  We managed to get him settled again for a few more shots, and his mum decided to call it a day, happy with what we had already - she only wanted a couple of prints so I was glad not to overwhelm her with a large selection gallery, though I was sorry there wasn't a little more variety from his session. 

Here are some from our morning together.  If you're expecting a baby soon, book a newborn session now - I'd love to help you make the most of this most precious time. 


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