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January 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This year I am going to be making sure I appear in more photos with my family. Its so easy to always be the one behind the camera or so involved in the moments that I don't think about it. But there are so many sweet little things that I want Ben to be able to see as he grows up.  I dream of a day when he's older and we flick through old photo albums together, and I can tell him all the funny little things we used to do.  And maybe when he's a surly teenager, he'll see how we really used to laugh and play together and how small and cute he was, and it will touch his heart. I want him to grow into an adult knowing how loved he is as much as I can. 

It won't be that long before I am not connected so intimately with his world. So as much as I want to capture his childhood as a gift to him, I realise how precious these days are to me too.  His little hand, adoring gaze, face completely open and honest and full of trust.  The little boy gestures and babyish features, fading so fast before my eyes.  I want to savour them now, and later enjoy the memories.  I want to turn a page in the album and see myself as I am now within those memories. 

So I'm going to be handing over the camera a bit more from now on.  Luckily my other half is always willing and takes great photos!

Of course if you want help with getting some of your moments captured with your children, book a mama love or family session with me.  It would be my honour to devote my time and energy on some timeless images for you.

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