Sitter Session - Noah

May 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Noah's 8 month sitter photography session - Cornwall

For once, the fingers crossed trick didn't work.  The Cornish spring rains got the better of us a couple of times before we got a day that was dry for Noah's latest milestone session.  He was 8 months by the time we met up and my how handsome he is!! 

It was a bit of a dull grey day, but we met at the studio and walked down to the Veryan park.  The park is lovely for the variety of settings it has though some were too shaded with heavy green colour casts to really get any great shots.  He had his very first swing ever which was so cute.  We went down to the little bridge and he was very happy to have his wooden spoon to play with and munch on.  Babies prefer the simplest things, don't they?!

We stopped off in the fields on the way back but again the light wasn't very good.  Still got some gorgeous smiley photos of Noah sitting up and I can't wait for his first birthday shoot in a few months!!

IMG_4273IMG_4273 IMG_4318IMG_4318 IMG_4343IMG_4343 IMG_4384IMG_4384 IMG_4393IMG_4393 IMG_4405IMG_4405 IMG_4409IMG_4409 IMG_4421IMG_4421 IMG_4433IMG_4433 IMG_4448IMG_4448


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