On the beach

December 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today I had to get down to the beach - feels like we haven't been for ages, and there have been too many days at home working and hiding away from the wet winter weather!  Or going to the shops!  I feel so bad for Ben and knew the run and fresh air would make him super happy.  It was bright and mild, and when we got down there the tide was out and there was no wind.  Perfect.  He's a bit under the weather and was up since 4am (therefore so was I) so it was a pretty chilled walk along the shore, ambling after a couple of dogs chasing balls in the hopes of being able to say hello.  The horses came down for their run too - a lovely sight and sound as they thud along the hard sand.  We made our way to the far end and B was happy splashing along in the puddles around the rocks, and I took a bit of shakey video footage.  Note: a 135mm is not the best lens for video!  But I was just messing around really and know I'll use my 35mm next time. 

We climbed all the way to the top of the 'mountain' - a gentle slope of loose large pebbles, and I love that look of golden long grass at the summit.  We had to turn and go back the way we came as it got quite steep and rocky, but as we were heading down Ben proclaimed to have had 'good fun on the mountain' so it was all good.  We had to pick a pebble to take down to the sea and hurl in, and then it was a long slow stroll back to the car.  Not without considerable resistance from Ben who was clearly feeling the effects of his deprivation and didn't want to leave.  I didn't mind and it was nice to see him doing his thing, walking up and down the little streamlets and picking bits out of the seaweed.  Love that boy!!

Here's the slideshow I made with some of the video clips and edited photos - something I'm planning on incorporating into my top package and pricelist in 2017.  So this is a practice session, by no means perfect!!


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