Visit to Melinsey Mill

July 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Not a day goes by that I don't take photos of my son.  We use the Tinybeans app which is a photo journal, and every night I upload the day's photos so that all our family and relatives living far away can see what he's been up to.  It's great for us and for them - I love to look back and see what we were doing this day a year ago, and they love to stay involved by leaving comments and seeing him growing up day by day.  It has become an institution in my family, and the perfect way to keep in touch. 

It's also good practice for me as I want to keep it interesting and I enjoy trying out different techniques, experimenting with different angles and trying new ideas.  So far, he doesn't appear to mind, and we actually have a lot of fun with it together a lot of the time. 

I don't share many of the photos I take apart from with family or my personal Instagram account, only occasionally posting one or two up on the business Facebook page.  He does appear in my portfolio a few times too.  But I am so proud of him and he is such a gorgeous model, I think it's ok to do it now and then.

So this is him at Melinsey Mill - a lovely spot 5 minutes from where we live.  We had my mother visiting and we decided to treat ourselves to a Cornish cream tea.  Ben loves it there - they have a large pond with a few ducks, lots of quirky willow sculptures and mosaic creatures along the path which circles the pond, as well as a working water mill where you can go and see the medieval mechanics.  And the snack food and cakes are delicious.  The best bit for me is the path which has hundreds of old tea pots dangling from the branches which form a leafy tunnel.  Ben always gets a kick out of them too!

Here are some from our latest visit !



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