First Year as a Business

May 02, 2015


My old website expires this weekend, which is as good a point as any to mark when I launched Curious Creatures.  It seems so long ago that I was working hard to get everything in place, riding a steep learning curve and figuring everything out.  Putting out calls for free shoots to build a portfolio - how scary it was having the first few sessions with strangers!  Ben was only 6 months old then and I can barely believe I could take him along, where he would sit quiet and still, propped up on some pillows, watching everything.  I was very lucky to have such a calm patient baby! 

A year later he is 19 months old and not so quiet, or patient :) 

I have been working on my new website which I hope is a little more user friendly.  I will now have client galleries here instead of on SmugMug and you will be able to select your favourites instead of having to send me a list of filenames.  Please take a moment to browse through the site and let me know any areas you can see that need improvement.  And comments in the guestbook would be great too! 

In 12 months I have become so much more confident and capable.  I have learnt a ton about the photography industry, my equipment, how to work with clients, what to expect, and what works/doesn't work.  I've spent the past 12 months building up my prop collection, and working on my studio space.  I still feel like I get better with each session (and yes, like all photographers, I look back at my early stuff and cringe!).

I am stepping into year 2 ready for action!  As my technique improves, I have felt myself growing artistically and I have many ideas and concepts I look forward to using to create powerful, simple and natural images. 

I have to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for every one of my clients, who have felt more like friends.  Your support and feedback has been so amazing and I have so many fond memories of all my sessions.  It's been incredible to watch your babies grow and I hope to see some of you again soon!

I'm working on some ideas for an appropriate way to celebrate, which I want to be able to include as many of you in as I can.  Keep an eye on good old Facebook and I'll be in touch about that soon. 

I want year 2 to be successful and to keep growing and learning.  You can help by referring your friends to me (I have a loyalty/referral programme to benefit you both).  If anyone you know is expecting, tell them about my reduced maternity & newborn sessions.  If anyone is stuck for ideas for birthdays, get a gift voucher towards a shoot.  Spread the word people! :)

Love you all!

Michelle xx

Newborn, baby and family photography sessions in Cornwall, UK.  More images from my sessions and the tales behind some of them.