Bethany 10 weeks old

October 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The second session for a 10 week old in the space of a couple of weeks!  It's an unusual age to photograph, and understandably parents aren't sure what to expect.  Unfortunately it's a bit too old for sleepy curled up newborn-type photos - babies this age are much more alert, and past the stage of sleeping most of the time.  But they have begun to smile, like to interact and it's a lot of fun! 

Bethany's mum wanted to get a few shots to use for Christmas presents so I did a bit of DIY, stencilling snow flakes onto a seamless white backdrop in light pink to match the pink/grey outfit they were bringing.  I also found some red berries to use on the dark wood set up, which I thought looked great!  Bethany was super duper cute, and despite her parents' best efforts, managed to keep her smiles fleeting and few.  If a baby is having a serious day, or finding the experience far more fascinating than amusing, it's ok (and perfectly normal)!  3 - 4 months old is a better age for loads of smiley shots.  I love capturing babies and children as they are and don't believe it's necessary to stress out or feel pressure to get a smile (especially when they are so small!).  They're so beautiful just being themselves :)  



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