"There's nothing here but perfect. 

Perfect expression of perfect life:

can't be changed,

no different truth" - Richard Bach

My passion for photography took a turn when I had my first baby in 2013.  From there it has grown into this little business of mine, capturing the magic of parenthood, babyhood, childhood and family life for others.  The four years I've been doing this has given me so many amazing experiences and I've met many people I think of now as friends.  Having my second baby in 2017 deepened my sense of what was important to capture, as I re-experienced pregnancy and having a baby. 

I couldn't do this work without feeling a connection to it and the families I serve.  I do it all with a mother's eyes, knowing all too well the ache of knowing this will all one day be a memory, driven by the sometimes desperate need to make sure I never forget the little details that will fade with time.

I love intensely through my camera.  It is my gift to my children, that they will always know that I saw nothing but beauty in them, in all their funny phases, messiness, imperfect perfection.  That is the type of love I want to bring to all my sessions - to see your family through your eyes and capture what I know you never want to forget. 

My photography is constantly evolving to bring me closer to this intention.  To truly authentic images that speak of real love and deep connection.  To do this I have to inch away from the safety of imitation and risk following my heart.  This is the journey I am on and I'm honoured.